Our HSEQ Initiatives


Being a leading transportation company we understand the importance of our role. Our company is setting precedents and we are proud of whatever we have achieved. Since our inception, we have taken several initiatives. With the passage of time and tireless effort of our employees, we now have a very strong safety culture established. Following is a brief introduction to some of the measures we have taken to keep our operations environment-friendly and safe!




As a company, we are committed to operating with a fleet powered by engines that meet EPA standards. Each day, hundreds of our vehicles cover thousands of miles. However, we are not harming the environment. Vigorous preventive maintenance plan allows us in operating a very healthy fleet. It is not only helping us in maintaining our services robustly but it is something quite good for the planet earth as well. Each year, the engines of our vehicles are tuned.



Internal / External Audits

Well, auditing is a great mean for the finding of any loopholes. We are one of the very few private sector entities operating with an extensive auditing mechanism.

• Private sector firms are hired for biannual audits
• Fleet staff, drivers, and handlers are used for drugs.
• Each of our managers is bound to conduct at least two field audits.





This is one of our program that is considered and termed as an explanatory one by neutral observers. Our company is committed to planting one tree against each thousand miles we cover. The plantation of trees is done in collaboration with the local governments. Each year, Tree Plantation Drives are arranged and several educational institutions are taken onboard.





We believe we are lucky as we are living in an age of the technology. We have chosen to use the technology for ensuring the safety of our fleet staff. Each of our vehicles is tracked in real time. With the help of our tracking systems, we are able to keep an eye on the goods and valuables of our customers. RealTimeTrack system is an outsourced one and it comes from a group of leading firms.




“Zero Makes You a Hero” – it’s one of our most popular slogans. We operate with dangerous chemicals sometimes in dangerous climatic conditions. As a team we always target for maintaining a Zero in accidents, injuries and near misses. Year 2016, went amazing for us. We incurred zero losses, delays and incidents. As a result, a special reward was announced for all of our employees. We are hoping for a great 2017 now!